Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Dish: My Review

Oh gee, I have a crazy winter work schedule... it is grueling, in fact.  Some time in the early winter I saw this Groupon advertisement for $79 for $136 worth of do-it-yourself meals at Let's Dish.

There are several companies similar to this.  The premise is that Let's Dish offers all of the ingredients for lots of meals (roughly 12 different meals to choose from -- the menu changes monthly).  I go in and put together all of my meals and walk away with ready-to-eat meals for my family and I didn't have to go to the grocery store or mess up my kitchen to prepare them. 

I bought the Groupon. My plan was to make the meals and use them during my hectic work schedule to fill in when we we stressed for meals. Alas, I never got the time to go to Let's Dish until this week.

The cost for the meals (per meal) is definitely a little bit more than I would spend in the grocery store, but often the Let's Dish recipes use ingredients that I wouldn't use because it isn't cost effective for me to use them. For example, one of the recipes I chose called for 1/4 cup Hoison Sauce. Um... I can tell you that I will probably never use Hoison Suace again... and if it were in my kitchen, the rest of the jar would go bad. However, this was an opportunity to prepare tasty meals that we don't usually try, without commiting to all of the seasonings and sauces.

Can I tell you -- I had such a great time at Let's Dish!  Yes, I had to prepare my own meals, but everything was already set out for me:  directions. ingredients, supplies... and more!  This could not have been easier!

I went with a friend.  We chatted the whole time we were there.

They have a snack and coffee bar. You can stop, chat, grab a bite (then wash your hands again) and get back to prepping some meals. 

Lulu went with me.  I thought it would be fun if she helped me.  She did her homework chilled out and ate all of the snacks instead. 

The staff was so friendly.  You felt like they were your girlfriends... seriously.  I felt so... at ease!

In the end I went home with four main courses for a family of six (we are only a family of five).  Also, i got three side dishes, four family-size servings of scones, and one family-size dessert... all for $79!  I had so much fun, this was so easy, the meals are so new... it was worth it for full price... in my opinion!

Lat night I made two of the six mini-Hot Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes and they were a hit.  I threw the Luau Pork in the crockpot last night (now it's in the fridge) and we will eat it for dinner tonight, along with the coconut rice.  We already sampled it this morning and it gets rave reviews -- Yum!  I am eager to cut and bake the scones for the family for a breakfast treat!  I think we are making the Raspberry Mango chicken this weekend. 

I could make this a monthly event.  I want Let's Dish gift certificates for Christmas. 

Have you been to one of these ready-to-go meal places? 
What did you think?


SusieQ said...

Never heard of it.. and guess what?? They don't have anything like that around here! This is collards and cornbread country.. just not in our home!

Fairy Grandmother said...

When I was over to your house I heard someone say, "eat some of the coconut rice" ... and I thought now that sounds good...and it sounds like so much fun...okay now we know what to get you for Christmas.