Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My folks (a.k.a. Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat) gave Bri a sandbox for her birthday.  Prior to this, Bro had been using an unused flower bed as his sandbox.  Pathetic -- I know.

So, Bri got a sandbox for her birthday and we told Bro, "This is Bri's sandbox and she will share with you."

The sandbox sat in the yard, unused, for a few days.  We were still deciding where to put it before we dumped all of the sand into it.

Finally, Bro came up to me one day and said,

Bro:  Mom -- I am going to share with my baby Bri all day today.

Mom:  Okay - you are such a sweet brother.

Bro:  Yes. Mommy -- do you want to set up Bri's sandbox now?

So, we did.

You'll have to excuse me while I continue to be amazed by the relationship between borthers and sisters (I am an only child). 

Baby Bee is such a copycat and Bro is happy to lead the way.

Bro throws the dirt so...

... Bri throws the dirt...

... which means that someone is gonne get dirt in their eyes.

Lulu chilled on the hammock {{a Father's Day gift for Dear Husband that he never gets to use}}...

... and posed for some pictures. 

Bri and Bro wrestled in the sandbox, one of their favorite pastimes. He is so rough with her (but not TOO rough) and she is almost equally as rough with him, but they have so much fun.

Their wrestling makes me nervous.  I don't want anyone to get hurt. 
How old will they be when they finally stop? 


SusieQ said...

Maybe they need to play in the sandbox with goggles on.. hehehe!!!

Mine never did wrestle.. the oldest was tiny and whiney.. the youngest was sickly and we had to be very careful with her.. and the middle one was brute strong and quite hateful at times.. no wrestling!!

These pictures are great! And what did you finally do with the baskets of grass??

Nap Mom said...

SusieQ - you crack me up!

I didn't post the Easter basket pics? OK. I will.

Suz and Joe said...

Be glad they get along and pray it stays that way! Not all siblings do..........