Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Easter Grass

You may remember that I grew some Easter grass in February. 
The goal of the Easter grass was to have real grass in the kids' Easter baskets, instead of the plastic stuff.

While the Easter grass is adorable, it is not necessarily suited for the type of Easter baskets that the bunny fills at our house.  Logistically, it wasn't going to work. 

However, I still wanted an excuse to grow the grass, so I did.  I decided to make cute baskets for my aunts for Easter.  I bought cute baskets and tins and grew the grass in them.  Then, I added some faux flowers to them and brought them to Easter dinner at my Grammy's house.

They searved as centerpieces on my Grammy's porch table.  How festive!  I was able to enjoy them in my home right up to Easter and my aunts just adored them.

Growing Easter grass (a.k.a. wheat grass) is a fun project for the little ones.  The results are almost immediate.  There are lots of uses for wheat grass as gifts.  Next, I might make them for my kids' teachers with a little sign that says something like, "Thanks for helping me grow and bloom" or something like that.
You can also eat this stuff and it is supposedly very healthy.
Have you eaten wheat grass before?


Mrs. Bird said...

Super cute!! While I'm not sure about eating the wheat grass, it seems like a great project. I'd definitely like to try it next year in my classroom for Mother's Day :)

Fairy Grandmother said...

I know that I have loved mine...thank you for it! xo

Fairy Grandmother said...
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The Random Mom said...

I had a shot of wheat grass juice before...yuck!