Monday, November 21, 2011


Recently, I spent a few days sitting around the house holding his little gem.

She threw up all day long.  Good times!

Actual picture of terribly sick baby Bee.

The best part was when she was supposed to be taking a nap and instead stood up at the corner of her crib and threw up into the basket below... the basket that holds 4 of her favorite baby books.

What did I do?  I'm not kidding folks.  I rinsed them and set them in the bathtub to dry.

Is that awful or what?

At $9 a piece, we are looking at about $40 of books here.  These are the bulk of her favorite board books.  We cannot live without them.  Luckily, the Barney lift-the-flap books were not in the basket.  They are out of print and the replacement cost is not in our family budget.  The Barney books are her top favorite books and she asks for them by name.

Was I able to save the books?  Well, Brown Bear, Brown Bear was beyond saving.  {{sigh}} It has been part of our collection since Lulu was a baby.  {{tears}}

Please tell me that someone reading this blog would have tried to save the books.
I couldn't just throw them away.


Fariy Grandmother said...

I would have tried to save them...they have been around soooo long. I'm glad she is feeling better!!

Erin G said...

Board books? I would absolutely wash them off and give them back to the baby. No biggie :)

Mommy 24/7 said...

I totally would have thrown them in the trash. Sorry, but I can't stand vomit! More power to you for saving what you could :)

SusieQ said...

I definitely would have saved them. I can't remember how much stuff I washed off when mine were little as I had one that threw up a lot.. (Your aunt) If I didn't wash the stuff off the kids wouldn't have had anything left!!

Ruth said...

You deserve a purple heart for this mission. Well done.