Thursday, November 3, 2011

Let them eat... pie???

For those of you who are still eating pumpkin... I made this pumpkin goody for a dinner party I went to.

It was delicious and easy.  I used regular pancacke syrup from my refrigerator instead of the "pure maple" that the recipe called for.  I added the spider web design from melted chocolate in a ziploc baggy.  Since Halloween is over, you can skip that step.

I also made these to-die-for blueberry pie bars for my mom's birthday.  Yes, they taste as good as the picture looks.  Also, this makes lots of pie bars.  The recipe made enough to: celebrate with my mom, leave her with leftovers, have leftovers for my house, and share with the church mom's group as well.

Baking season is upon us!

My only regret is that my homemade vanilla extract is not ready.  boo-hoo.

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SusieQ said...

Everything looks so good! I would be fat as a little pig if I lived in your house and was eating all these wonderful things you cook!