Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap

I did not blog over the Thanksgiving weekend.  However, here is a quick photo recap for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, November 24

The kids had a great Thanksgiving.  Bro asked for "more turkey please."

Friday, November 25

Bro did not play while we were outside.  When we went inside to eat lunch he started screaming and fell to the floor with stomach pain.

We took a visit to the ER which has its own pediatric wing.  Yay! It's new and I forgot all about it until I got there.

They said that his colon was probably spasming.  They gave him Motrin and a popsicle.  He watched plenty of SpongeBob too.

Saturday, November 26

We went to the Smithsonian museums.  I was so delighted to see that the Air and Space Museum has a baby changing station in the men's bathroom.  Yes, this is the only picture I took all day long.

Sunday, November 27

Pioneer Woman's Turkey Tetrazzini is a great way to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

What did you do over the break?


Fairy Grandmother said...

You are so funny taking a picture of the bathroom sign...Bri looked cute on Thanksgiving...looks like you had a good weekend!

Nap Mom said...

I had to take a picture of the bathroom sign. I was so proud of the museum for putting baby changing stations in the men's room.

Also, taking little ones to DC on the busiest day of the year = effort is spent on keeping track of my kids, not taking pictures. You know me!

SusieQ said...

When mine were little I had a stroller but it did not fold.. imagine that! So I had a harness (made for a child) that zipped up the back so the little dear could not undo it, and I hooked a leash to it and the child could walk around but not escape! Duke wore that.. shock! I also had a springy thing with a child bracelet on one end and adult on the other end and that is how I managed to travel around with three little ones and not lose any! Things were sure different!!

SusieQ said...

Can't imagine an ER with a special children's wing.. The wonderful hospital where we have been treated the last 50+ years has been closed (due to budget constraints) and now we have to go to the civilian "stab and slab" shop.. I feel like we have backed up 50 years and I hate it!