Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2012

Halloween was such a hit!  Everyone had a blast and it wasn't too cold outside.

Lulu - She was an amazing shufflebot.  She was uber proud of her costume which also included audio of the songs that the shufflebot dances to.  While all of the adults thought she was a robot; the kids new exactly who she was!  Score!

Bro - What can I say about Bro?  He is the perfect age for trick-or-treating.  Here are the highlights of his night: 

~ He talked in a deep Spiderman voice all night long. 

~ He greeted everyone with "Happy Hallo-sneakers!" and would look at his candy and exclaim "for gosh sakes" each time he got candy.

~ If the home owner was not positioned outside with the candy then Bro would walk up to the door, stare at the home, and shout "NEXT!"  It was hilarious!

Bri - Well, we packed a stroller for Baby Bee, but she didn't need it.  She waddled around in her tutu, going from house to house, all night long.  She was extremely cute and definitely got tons of compliments on her cute costume.

I'm loving that I am blogging every day this month. I would like to thank you all for confidence that I can start to lose some weight.  The Halloween candy in the house is NOT helping my efforts though.

What do you do with your leftover Halloween candy?


Ruth said...

I'm ALSO glad that you're blogging every day! Your posts are so conversationally written that I just gulp my coffee and want to fill up this comment box with lots of chatter as if we were actually having a girlfriend date. That's the sign of a great blog, my dear.

Where to begin? 1. Way to go creating Lulu's costume on such short notice. 2. Bro? OMG - I see why my niece is so smitten. 3. Bri -- she must have been having soooo much fun to walk the whole night. How wonderful!

I love that you end your posts with questions. I'd like to emulate that. Today, I'm delivering our left over candy (good god, not ALL of it, only most of it) to a dentist (oddly enough) who will be shipping it to troops overseas. I also just found this:

Yesterday, I tried to add another comment, but my computer zapped it before I posted ... it was on the note of weight loss. I wanted to let you know that during my entire weight loss, I had one "free eating day" per week. You probably know this already, but I want you to remember that it's important to have a zero deprivation approach. Sometimes we say, "not today" to the brownie but we usually keep that singular (not plural) and never ever say never. :) Oh, and what I wanted to say yesterday was, "Yes. It is possible to lose weight during baked good season." If you'd like me to elaborate, but would rather not have rudely long comments (such as this) here at your site, I'll do a post about it at mine..... Hmmm, see? You're inspiring me again.

SusieQ said...

Leftover Halloween candy? Have you lost your mind? It all got eaten.. The kids and I ate it all with Granddaddy running his mouth about it the whole time, as he did not eat candy.. No matter what he said, we ate it anyway!