Sunday, November 20, 2011

Paper Hornets

Lulu is learning the art of creating and shooting paper hornets.  We have hornets and targets all over the house.  It's best to both hit the target and leave, gaping hole, and make a loud noise. 

Here is a small paper hornet and rubber band launcher.

She informed me that you can make 14-20 paper hornets from one piece of notebook paper.

She learned this technique during school on Friday.  The kids who take Spanish were on a field trip and this left the few French and Chinese language students in school for the day.  The science teacher let them make and shoot paper hornets... including setting up barricades in the classroom.  She says it was a great day!

She's teaching every member of the family to shoot paper hornets.

What wholesome activities are you enjoying with your family? 


SusieQ said...

That sounds to me about on the level with spitballs! I can't imagine us being allowed to do something like that in school... And which group was Lulu in.. the Chinese or the French? Wish I could remember more of my Spanish..

Nap Mom said...

Lulu takes French. I tried to convince her to go with Spanish, but she says French is prettier.