Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I've been getting some pressure to lose the... ahem... baby weight that I gained with my last two pregnancies.  I get it.  I need to lose some weight.  I also have some very good excuses why I am still a ton wee bit overweight. 

1.  I have a desk job.  That is, it is my j-o-b to sit on my bottom all day long. 
2.  Since I work all day long, I spend my free time with my kids... not at the gym.  Don't get me wrong - I totally love going to the gym.  I am just NOT going to go to the gym in lieu of playing with my kids.  End of story.

Oh, there is this other little issue too.  It is called, "I love baked goods."

In all honesty, I found this picture somewhere online and saved it for myself.  I really laugh an audible laugh every single time I think of this picture because it TOTALLY represents the voice inside of my head! 

Not sure where I found this pic,
but I would love to give proper credit if anyone knows where it came from.
Christmas is coming baking season is upon us.  I do not have any delusions that I will lose weight any time soon.

Speaking of baking, I have so much to share with you... like I am making my very own vanilla extract.  Oh gee - so much to say!  I hope you stick around.  I've been challenged to post every single day this month.  Yikes!  I don't know if you really want to hear from me that often, but I intend to be here if you need me!

Is it really possible to lose weight during baking season???


T.J. said...

Well, get on with it so you can inspire me to do the same ;) Yesterday I wolfed down a doughnut and 3 sugar cookies (hmm, baked goods) because they were the easiest things to grab for lunch- NAAAUGH TEE!!

Good luck- my only tip is that when all else fails, drink a cup of green tea each day and call it good.

SusieQ said...

I bet the rum vanilla is going to be goooood!!!!

SusieQ said...

Set yourself a goal with a time limit.. and don't eat one morsel (including baked goods!) not included in your diet in that time limit.. No, your time limit cannot be 2 hours! At the end of that time give yourself a week or so of eating anything and then get back at it.. Also, do you have stairs at work and a lunch/break time? Spend that time going up and down the stairs.. even if you have to take a pair of tennis shoes to work to do it.. Exercise your self control! It will pay dividends later in health benefits!

Anonymous said...

#1 I'm so enjoying reading your blog... So grateful to have a bit of time here to listen to your entertaining, creative, energetic voice!

#2 .... You know I used to be heavy. You know this issue is challenging for my family. I sincerely think the thing that inspired me to lose the weight 10 years ago (Yay--thinner--not quite thin--for a decade now!) is that I was single and lonely in Los Angeles of all places. Now that I'm all partnered up, finding the motivation to lose weight is much more difficult. Damn, you, unconditional love! :) These days, though, after being a "weight watcher" for so long, I listen to my body - too many sweets make me feel sick. Oh, and I LOVE walking outdoors. Good luck & I hope you'll keep sharing about this here. People will benefit from your journey. xo

Fariy Grandmother said...

If you want to lose weight I know someone who lives near you and is full of motivation!! Wink...wink!!