Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blue or Beige?

I started the baby Jesus ornaments.

The clips come in packs of 12 so I am making 12 Jesus babies.

The template was for a light blue blanket.  The craft store was sold out of blue so I went with a beige.  Baby Jesus is never wrapped in a blue blanket anyway.  It's always beige or white.

Someone... ahem Grandma... suggested that perhaps his mother made him a blanket from the same material as her dress, which is often portrayed as blue.

Bee and I travelled to the fabric store (not the craft store this time) for some light blue felt. 

Note:  Felt is way cheaper at the fabric store than at the craft store.  Just sayin'.

I started making some babies with blue blankets and soon realized that I did not like blue blankets at all.  To me, throwing the blue blanket on baby Jesus felt like I might as well give him a Mickey Mouse print blanket.  The baby in the stable did not have a blue blanket!

I got this far and couldn't decide what to do:  keep making blue blankets or go back to making beige blankets. 

I did what any reasonable person would do... I asked my facebook friends to decide.  This is how they voted:

What?  Look at all of those blue votes! I was shocked at the number of people who voted blue.  Really?

It's a good thing I asked.  I would have finished in beige.

What is it about the blue that is so appealing?
Clearly I am in the minority.


ms. mindless said...

hmmm, I like the beige better too! The blue is cute, but beige is better.

Fairy Grandmother said...

I like the beige better too! The blue is okay...but I agree with you!

SusieQ said...

The blue matches his mommy's dress..
This is so funny!!