Monday, December 19, 2011

Sanity Update: Week 1 of 4

My moms group met on Wednesday for our last get together of the year. 
boo hoo hoo.  {{please pass the tissues}}

I skipped the mom's group, for the first time ever, because there was a last minute email sent out (well, it came through on Monday) saying that the plans had been changed and the next meeting would include (1) a white elephant gift exchange and (2) snack to share.  Since I got the email after the weekend had passed and I worked late on Wednesday, I was not appropriately prepared for the moms group meeting.

What did we do instead?  We sat at the couch with a big ol' bag of popcorn and watched Survivor - one of our favorite shows.  Some of us (ahem... me) have watched all 23 seasons.  Yes indeed!

Are you keeping track of my week?
So far, we took out the moms group meeting but added in a tv night with the family.  Sanity is still in tact.

Here's a list of other things that were working against me this week (don't worry - I will get to some good stuff):

Driving:  This past week was especially packed because my oldest daughter (who spends two weeks with me and then two weeks with her dad) was with me this week.  Cheerleading practice started up as well.  I estimate that I spend an extra 560 minutes driving her to and from school and practices on the weeks that she is with me.  I am not complaining.  I am just stating where my time goes.

Volunteering:  Each parent at church volunteers in Sunday School twice a year.  This week was my week to volunteer.  They needed help... in the baby room of all places.  Um... I not real keen on holding my own babies much less someone else's baby.  Babies are a lot of w-o-r-k.  This experience was as pleasant as it could be.  The facility is more than equipped to handle these babies... plenty of bouncy seats and swings and such to keep the babies happy.  But, babies still eat and cry and poop and stuff.  So, it was a very busy morning.  Since Sunday School takes place during church service, I did not get to go to church.  Yes, I could have stayed for the late service, but there was no time for that.  No time.

So, we added in 560 minutes on the road and took out church and added in babysitting.  You with me?  Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me.

School party:  My youngest two had their school party last week.  For 13 years, I have been making creative, fun, and special treats for school parties.  I RACE to the sign-up sheet so I can sign up for something fun (cupcakes) and don't get stuck with something totally boring (juiceboxes).  This year I looked at the list of things to bring and called Bro over to the list to see what he wanted for his party.  Guess what?  He picked CHIPS - Doritos in fact! SCORE!!!!!

So, we took out spending hours of time detailing cupcakes for preschoolers and added in one-bag-of Doritos!  He was totally proud and excited about his chips!  Chips = happy child with no effort.

Reading:  I am reading a book for my book club, Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption, by Laura Hillenbrand, but NOT a parenting book that I had hoped to read.  Either way, I enjoy reading and I am enjoying the book very much. 

The highlight of the week was when we added in gingerbread house decorating at my mom's house.  She totally did all of the work.  There was candy everywhere when we left.  The kids had a fabulous time!  This is an annual tradition and the first time that Bro participated.

I love looking at the pictures of Bro squeezing out the icing...

... compared to the pics of Lulu squirting out the icing.  Clearly, there is a difference.

Then we have Lulu's roof...

... compared to bro's roof.  It just cracks me up!

One of my favorite parts might be the before shot and after shot of Bro's front door.

Here is the "before."

And, here is the after.  He kept insisting that Santa belonged in the house.  Since none of the adults would help him get Santa in the house, he did it himself. 

I adore Lulu's sweet cottage of pink and green in her winter wonderland.

These houses are so festive and I know that Christmas is almost here when I see gingerbread houses displayed at home.

Sanity Week 2 Schedule:

Moms group:  Nope.

Family event:  Lights on the Bay on Wednesday

Reading:  Still in my book club book – need to move to a parenting book.

Cheerleading has been cancelled for the week.  DOUBLE YAY!

I need to wrap the teacher gifts.  Easy enough.

There are a few things purposely missing here because I don't want to stress myself out. 
make nativity ornaments for each child
make a stocking for Bro and Bri
set up Bro's leappad so it is ready to play with when he opens it

Our gingerbread houses are so sweet.
What holiday event in your life
signals that Christmas is nearly here?


Fairy Grandmother said...

I just love the gingerbread house making...this is one of my favorite things to do at Christmas! Oh, and I love my baby Jesus ornament too!

SusieQ said...

How do I know it is almost Christmas? "Butt on the bench" time.. practicing the organ and organizing tbe music for all the special services. This year I decided to record Joy to the World because I always have trouble with it.. so I did it first.. and then it somehow got corrupted and I had to do it all over again! That song ia a definite thorn in my side. By the time we get to Christmas I am strung pretty tight..

SusieQ said...

I love Bro's house.. sort of related to the leaning tower of Pisa! Lulu is a real professional!

Erin G. said...

YAY! Love the update. "Unbroken" is on my reading list -- I hope to get to it soon.

T.J. said...

We didn't make gingerbread houses this year (Saved MY sanity ;)), but I did make batch upon batch of gingerbread and the house smelled scrumptious and Bear was happy with it- win!

Well done keeping your sanity this Christmas, I'll be taking notes on how you did it :).

Merry Christmas!!