Friday, December 2, 2011

She's Crafty!


Have you heard that Christmas is coming? Yes! Great!

I have a few crafts lined up.  Tell me what you think?

1.  I need to make one additional large Santa Sack per kid.

What's a Santa sack? It's a large fabric sack that Santa puts his gifts in (you can make them or buy them).  The kids set the sack out on Christmas Eve and Santa fills them while they sleep.  The Santa Sack is not only ecofriendly but it really keeps down on the clutter and mess to clean up after opening the gifts. Providing Santa Sacks for Santa to place his gifts in is a secret that needs to be unleashed. We will always provide sacks for Santa. There was a noticable difference in our morning because of the lack of mess, paper, and general clutter. Plus, this makes it much, much easier for Santa to "wrap" the presents Christmas Eve {{wink, wink}}. 

They are selling Santa Sacks at Michaels your local craft retailer for less than $3 each.  Get one!

2.  I want to make these Nativity cookies.  I might make a plate of each set for my aunts for Christmas.  I'm not sure how well they will travel in the car.  I think I could "glue" them in place with icing and the scene would still be presentable after a 2-hour car ride.  Right?

This picture and idea comes from  She made her own colored sugar (simple and thrifty) and still captured the essence of the characters without piping in all of the details with icing. She's my kinda gal.

3.  I also want to make this baby Jesus ornament.  Instead of hanging it from the tree, I am going to put a clip on the bottom so I can nestle him atop a tree branch.  Yes, I am making extras.  {{Yes, I am sending one to you Grandma!}} made these adorable ornaments and took this picture.
4.  Lastly, I have all of the pieces to make these Nativity blocks

I have not put up my tree, pulled out our elf, or hung any lights.  I have a lot of work ahead of me, I know.

My craft ideas might be overambitious and I might not get to them all.

Which one do you think I really must do?
1. Santa Sacks
2. Nativity cookies
3. Jesus ornament
4. Nativiy blocks


SusieQ said...

It is December so the Elf needs to get on the shelf (or wherever) and start watching!

The Santa Sack probably won't take much time so get that done and off your list..

When I saaw the ornament my thought was "I want one, I want one" so make sure you get those done!

The cookies are adorable but I won't beg as they look time consuming and I would gobble them up quickly! That is a really neat idea.. and I am sure they would last in the car....

Are the blocks something Dana could do? Can you make a crafter out of him?

Do you remember the Christmas ornaments my family made? Your grandpa and great grandpa cut them out of plexiglass and your great grandma painted them.. I watched! They are really pretty and will last forever..

Nap Mom said...

Elf is now on the shelf - in the chandelier actually.

I think the cookies are least likely to get made at this point.

I asked Dana about the blocks. He says that we don't have any clean 2x4 blocks. I really want to make the block nativity.

If I got off of the internet, then I might have time to do some of these projects. Right?

I do not remember the plexiglass painted ornaments. Do you still have them?

SusieQ said...

Your Aunt Lorie does...

Fairy Grandmother said...

Maybe Aunt Lorie will share the ornaments and we can each have one on our tree.

I think you should make the baby Jesus ornaments...they are so cute and...I want one also.

SusieQ said...

You could have your own assembly line.. If you traced them and took pictures of them I am sure you folks could make them.. The boys could but them out and the girls could paint thems!