Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012!

So... I am not one to stay up until midnight.  Those days are looooong over.

However, I couldn't let Lulu ring in the new year by herself so we got all dolled up and celebrated in style!  I was surprisingly awake the whole time! {{and I didn't even get a nap today}}

My favorite quote of the night?


As we helped ourselves to sparkling cider Lulu ran to get a "cocktail ring."  She announced, "Always accentuate your large drink with a cocktail ring."  I almost fell over when she said it.  She told me that she got the tip from Style Network.  Yikes!  

What is your favorite quote thus far???

Happy 2012 everyone!


Michele Horne said...

Funny, my 11 year old wanted to stay up... but it is so past my bedtime. But, I bought some fruit bubbly and printed a few New Year activities and got ready for the night... until a friends invited her over and I said "Phew!" To bed at 10pm for me :-)

SusieQ said...

She is quite the young lady.. enjoy it while you can because the time is coming when she will want to go out for NYE with her friends.. and you can sit home and worry! And I miss the bows.. I thought they were sooo cute!!!

Nap Mom said...

@ SusieQ - I miss the bows too. I saw one sitting on her dresser and took some time to remember "the goold ol' days."

@Michele - Sleeping is a great way to ring in the new year, In my opinion.