Saturday, January 17, 2009

Am I living with Michael Jackson?

You may or may not have noticed that Lulu is now sporting a new look. It is this glove, pictured here.

I hoped that wearing the glove was a short, passing phase. Turns out that it is not. She says that wearing the glove is cool. She wears only one glove. She wears the glove to sleep, eat, and to school. She has been wearing it for a week or two now. It has not been washed. Blah + Yuck = Bluck!

I think that tonight I may try to wrestle it away from her so that it can get a bath.

Speaking of trends, Lulu is starting a clothing line. She is learning French and has learned that joli is the French word for pretty and has decided to make joli the name of her clothing line. She has had her clothing line name embroidered on a few shirts (as seen in the picture above). Currently, she is in the design phase of creating some t-shirts for friends and family. I am sure that I will be advertising her online shop within the next few weeks. Lucky me!

She thinks that she wants the cute and swirly letter j to be her logo. However, we are a bit confused on which spelling of joli to use for the clothing line. I do not know anything about the French language, but I see that there are two accepted French spellings for pretty: joli and/or jolie. Does anyone know what the difference is between the two? What is the French word for pink? I think that might be a better name.

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Jen said...

So Pink in french is "rose". The meaning behind "Jolie" is beautiful. It's a very popular girls name in France. Can't wait to see Emily's new clothing line.