Monday, January 12, 2009

Do You Snow Shoe?

Recently, Lulu went snow shoeing with her Girl Scout troop. I'll post the picture here (without guilt) since it was posted publicly on the ski resort website.

Can you see Lulu? She is wearing pink, of course, and is lying down, in the front, with the big cheese smile on her face.

Lucky for me, Lulu was with Daddy Warbucks for the weekend because snow is more his thing than mine (as Grand Matriarch can attest to, but I won't show you the pics to prove it)!

Also this weekend, Lulu's Girl Scout troop held their Winter Court of Awards ceremony. Here she is collecting her awards, with her brother in hand. My favorite badge that she completed this season is the Sign of the Star (which the troop leader describes as a super badge). The purpose of the Sign of the Star is to engage the girls in activities that promote a healthy self-esteem and really make them fell good about themselves (which comes oh so naturally for Lulu). As part of the paperwork to demonstrate that she earned the badge, Lulu had to list the items that she completed to earn the badge and answer the question, "What did you learn from this activity?"

Want to know what she learned from these self-esteem boosting activities?

Activity #4. Complete 2 activities from the It's Great to Be a Girl chapter.

What did Lulu learned from the activities (in her own words): "I am even MORE MAGNIFICENT than I thought I was!!!!!" ummmm... no self-esteem issues HERE

Moving on... (my personal favorite - not)

Activity #5. Participate in a council event. (Lulu participated in the by-invitation-only gag me ice cream social for girls who sold more boxes of cookies than should legally be allowed 500+ boxes of cookies.)

What Lulu learned from the activity (in her own words): I need to sell MORE Girl Scout cookies!!!!! please... somebody... anybody... buy these cookies

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Manic Mommy said...

Oh goodness. This is funny. Good for Lulu! :) Great job on the badges.