Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas at home

I was on hiatus from the computer during the Christmas break. Seriously, not more than 30 minutes of computer time for 2 weeks. That means, no facebook, no blogging, no google reader, no Girl Scout e-mails, no downloading and fiddling with the family pics... nothing. I didn't make a conscious decision to stay away from the computer, it just kinda happened that way and it was a surprisingly welcome break from technology.

I am back now. However, you might see a wee bit less of me over the next few months as work gets busier (for the next 90 days - but who's counting) and I start a college class to advance my education (way overdue).

For now, here is a small glimpse into my holiday break.

Christmas Eve dinner was crab cakes. Yum! Well, that is, three of us had crab cakes. Baby Bro had to suffice with leftovers from the night before because I did not want Christmas Eve to be the night that we discovered whether or not he had a seafood allergy. Does any know when I can feed him seafood? Or eggs for that matter?

Later, Lulu, Fairy Grandmother, Luvs2Boat, and I went to church for the candlelight service. This is my favorite service of the year and the first time that Lulu has attended with me. Dear Husband was home with Bro who chose Christmas Eve to be the brattiest child ever and fussed his way out of having to sit through the service.

You will see lots of pictures of our holiday, but one of the pictures that I cherish most is the one that I do not have a hard copy of. It is the picture in my mind of when I looked left and saw Lulu and over her shoulder Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat with their faces glowing in the candlelight. Oh sweet heaven - "All is calm; all is bright."

When we got home, Lulu quickly put out her sign for Santa and the obligatory cookies and milk (and an apple for the reindeer).

The next morning, Lulu and I were up way before the boys and she didn't waste any time tearing into her gifts from Santa. We thought that it was going to be a very Polly Christmas. Santa must have been watching us during the Disney trip and brought all Tinker Bell gifts instead.

Finally, Bro and Dad joined in the festivities.

What did we have for Christmas morning breakfast? The cookies that Santa didn't eat of course!


Manic Mommy said...

Beautiful stockings. Glad Santa left some goodies. There's nothing like cookies for breakfast! YEAH! (Were they girl scout cookies? ..grin..) Baby Bro will love those cardboard bricks. The boys STILL use theirs often. 6m for shellfish, 2yr for eggs, 3yr for peanuts.

Nap Mom said...

3 years for peanuts? yuck!

Anonymous said...

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