Monday, January 19, 2009


How much do I wish that I had been in D.C. yesterday? Instead, the family went shopping to buy some b-day gifts for our baby boy! Lulu got to use some of her gift cards too! So, it was fun for all of us. DH wants to know when Bro can have a go-kart. Gulp!

Anyways, here is a youtube video of U2's Inauguration performance. It's worth it to watch it just for the opening and the pan of the crowd. Very cool!

Disclosure: In my effort to remain non-partisan, I am asking my co-workers who may be reading this blog to either stop reading this post at this time or to disregard the rest of this post.

So now I have another question. Is it appropriate for a public school to promote a certain political candidate? First, I need to disclose to my readers that I am an Obama supporter/fan and I am very excited to see him become President. Having said that, I have an issue with how Lulu's school has been handling the upcoming inauguration. Just the other day, Lulu was singing a rather hip/cool song about Barack Obama. It has a very cool and catchy tune. I asked her where she heard the song and she said that they play it on the loud speaker at school, after the morning announcements, every morning. Then she added, "Apparently, we are a Barack Obama loving school mom."

I like Obama. I want the man to be President. However, for some reason, I am very uncomfortable with a public school endorsing (for lack of a better word) this person for President. What about the rights/beliefs of those who are not Obama fans? Is this appropriate? What am I missing here? Why do I feel so icky about this, even though I support Obama in my home?


Manic Mommy said...

You can have our go-kart any day. HA! What is it with these McMen and their go-karts? :)

Grand Matriarch said...

You REALLY don't want to hear my comments on this one.. Needless to say, my TV will NOT be on tommorow except to watch tennis.. I can't believe with the country needing money as badly as it does that is spending 150 million+ on a ceremony...

Jen said...

What a morning! I'm proud to say President Obama is my new Commander and Chief! I think he is going to be great for this country. Our Military needs someone who can lead us in the right direction and be confident about the way we go.

Mim said...

I'd say you feel icky about the school appearing to actively endorse Obama because it's a completely inappropriate thing for a school to do. And I speak as someone who was immeasurably relieved to see Obama win the US presidency - at least as much as I was relieved when we got rid of John Howard here in Australia.

To my mind, it's appropriate for a school to engage the kids' interest in the political process, teach them about the presidency and to explore the significance of Obama being the first non-white president but if the kids are getting the message that "we are a Barack Obama loving school" then, as an institution, they've crossed a line somewhere.

Also, I've given you a blog award :)