Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Nintendo:

Dear Nintendo:

We have enjoyed playing the Wii for years now and love your Wii Fit Balance Board. However, I have a few complaints/questions that I just CANNOT hold in anymore.

Why do you weigh in all of the players before every time they use your machine? A few weeks ago you told my (healthy and slim) tween daughter that she was fat and on the verge of being an overweight adult. Just today, you told her that she had gained weight and asked her to justify that with a response that she can choose from your list of responses, which (by the way) did NOT include an appropriate justification for her weight gain. Did you NOT remember that you asked her for her age? Did you NOT remember that she is a freakin' tween for crying out loud? Do you know that my daughter is supposed to gain weight and that social services will come HAUL ME AWAY if she doesn't. Come on!

Solutions to this problem:

1. Allow an option on your setting menu that allows users (parents) to toggle off the weigh-in process.

2. Don't weigh-in users who are under the age of 18.

3. Add an "I am a kid and I am supposed to gain weight" option to your weight gain justification list.

Is the Wii Fit Board Fun? Yes. Am I the only person with this complaint? No.

Use some common sense people!


Mim said...

This would be the one thing (had I no other reasons not to) that will stop me getting a Wii Fit for our family.

Current other reasons: we don't need it, we're trying to control our spending and, most compellingly, the kids would just fight over it. LOL

Your letter for the alphabet game is S, have fun!

Grand Matriarch said...

WHEW!!! Somebody is hot!!!! I assume this also went to Nintendo Customer Care....

Nap Mom said...

I'm not really THAT fired up, but there are a few resonable steps that Nintendo could have taken to make this a better game for its users, especially young girls. I'm actually thinking of writing a letter to Oprah. The subject would probably get more publicity that way.