Friday, August 7, 2009

Great Product - Bottle Labels

Moms -

AAAAhhhhh - I just had to share this with you. How great? Check out these bottle/sippycup labels. They aren't really labels at all... more like "wraps." Yes, I have seen them in person.

This is great for me because, as you know, we send Bro to daycare which means that we have to label his bottles and sippy cups. I saw another bottle in the refrigerator with this type of wrap on it. Yippee!

I know, Bro should probably have been weaned off of bottles at this point. Fine. However, we will be sending in soy milk for him for as long as I can tell... so I think that we will definitely get some use out of these... and... this is much better than the sticky label system that we are currently using.

IF, by chance, you are currently using these wraps and DIDN'T tell me about them... well... then... shame on you.

By the way, you can use these on sunscreen, flashlights, lotions and more. These are not just for moms of daycare kids - these are for the whole family(see article)!

For now, I hope you check these out. I searched high and low for them...

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