Sunday, August 23, 2009

Twas the Night Before 6th Grade...

Tis the night before 6th grade and all through the house,
everyone is awake, (probably) even the mouse.
The bookbag and Converse shoes are both near...
because tomorrow morning... middle school will be here.


The big debate is whether to pack a brown bag lunch (as I was told ALL the middle-school kids do) or pack a lunch in her lunch tote. She told me that she is going to pack a lunch tote tomorrow because, in her own words, "You can bet that SO-AND-SO and SO-AND-SO are going to have their Very Bradley lunch bags tomorrow... I just know it."

She can't sleep. It's 10:15 already and she is reading... because she says that she is too excited to go to sleep. Luckily, the 6th graders have the school to themselves tomorrow; the older kids start on Tuesday.

The cinnamon bread just came out of the oven, which means that I am going to try to coerce Lulu into going to bed so that I can get some sleep too.

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SusieQ said...

How funny!!! I don't remember ever being that excited to go to school and my kids weren't either! And I never cared what the other kids were going to do or take.. I was the 'do it my way' kid!!