Monday, August 24, 2009

Julie and Julia - a book review

I finished... kinda... the Julie and Julia book. You know, the one about the girl who decides to make Julia Child recipes for a year and blog about it... Why didn't I think of that??? Julie's blog still exists and you can read it, in its entirety (including blog comments) here.

When I say that I "finished" the book I mean that I really skimmed the topic sentence on every paragraph for the second half of the book and, therefore, I know what happens AND how it ended.

Yuck. It gets... something like... 2 stars from me. And, that's being generous. Really it gets 1 star and then 1 more star for being a book about a blogger.

I was starting to worry - you remember that I didn't like the very popular The Shack either.

Turns out that I'm NOT alone. Most of the customer reviews on Amazon weren't that great either.

However, I heard that the movie version of the book is awesome and worth seeing a second or third time.


SusieQ said...

That's different.. I always find that the book is MUCH better than the movie.. Now I refuse to see the movie before I have read the book..

Nap Mom said...

I agree, which is why I read the book... so now I can see the movie. Apparently, this time the movie is better.