Monday, June 15, 2009

Frolicking Farm Fun

I had the great idea to take Lulu and Bro to a petting farm, mostly because Lulu needed a picture with a live chicken. Remember?

I found Clark's Elioak Farm online and planned to take the kids. Well, Lulu had a friend spend the night and I so very excitedly asked them if they wanted to go to the petting farm - the obvious answer would be a loud an boisterous "yes." Right? Not so much. They both looked at me with a look like I had suggested that we interview math tutors for a few hours.

My feelings were a little hurt.

So, I changed it up a bit - cause I am smarter than they are. I told them that I had planned to take Bro to the petting zoo. It would be his first time at a petting zoo and would they want to go with me to help babysit him. How great would it be if the three of us could take Bro on his first trip to the petting zoo? Right? Heck yeah - they were all for it!

So, I took the kids we took Bro to the awesomest petting zoo ever. Not only is it a petting zoo... but it is an enchanted forest as well.

First, we looked through the Three Bears' home, sat inside the mouth of a whale, took turns sitting next to Humpty on his wall, and

slid through a hole in an Old Woman's shoe.

Then, everyone played on the playground and

kept Bro entertained for awhile.

We each took turns milking a fake cow.

And someone sat on a tuffet... until that spider came along.

We visited with goats, ducks, donkeys, rabbits,

and some live chickens.

This is definitely a great place to visit. I would say that you could easily spend 2 hours here. Plus, there are picnic tables for lunch as well (pack your own lunch because I only saw snacks for sale).


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Manic Mommy said...

My MOMS Club chapters up that way visit Clarks all the time. I've got at least one chapter a month going there. We'll definitely come over to check it out with you soon!