Saturday, June 13, 2009

Not Such an Act of Kindness

This morning, I gathered up my little man and headed off to the Farmer's Market. A few weeks have passed since my last visit and I wanted to see what kind of goods the Spring weather has produced.

The market is open from 7 a.m. to noon. Bro and I arrived to a relatively packed parking lot around 8:00ish. I did my little loop around the parking lot and saw someone pulling out from a spot - no big deal - so I backed up a bit so that this person could pull and what do you know... Broom Hilda was standing in the middle of the newly available parking space. Broom Hilda just stood there with her broom hands on her hips and stared at me.

I rolled down my window and asked, "What are you doing?" To which she replied, "You can't park here." To which I told her that, "I CAN and I WILL" park there. She stood there screaming some stuff back towards the Farmer's market (which I couldn't hear because I was listening to Mickey Mouse's Greatest Hits). I was pretty much prepared to just park my car right where I was and go to the market.

Well, a Kenny Rogers look-a-like Kenny Rogers came over to the car and asked me to move. He was so kind and nice. He explained that he should have put cones out to reserve these spaces earlier and that the spaces were for the band. He pointed out that there was a space opening up right behind me and that he would be more than happy to save that space for me. He apologized for my troubles.

I'm stubborn - so stubborn - but Kenny Rogers was so kind and I really didn't want to have a bad day so I agreed to move, after I yelled out my window to Broom Hilda - "YOU CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY LADY!" Kenny Rogers asked my what I said and I told him that I was just telling Broom Hilda that "you catch more flies with honey."

I moved my car. Fine. A victory for Broom Hilda, but I can take it. I thanked Kenny Rogers for being so kind and asked him if he was married. I told him that his wife was a very lucky lady. He told me that he has been happily married for 37 years (yahoo) and that he is known to be a very patient person. I chuckled back that I know the secret to his happy marriage - he was very kind - most anyone else might not have been that kind to me.

We did some shopping at the Farmer's Market. And, when I walked back to my car, Kenny Rogers came over with some flowers for us. He was insistent that he didn't want me to leave the Farmer's Market on a sour note. I INSISTED that he didn't need to give me the flowers. (I mean really, was I THAT bad that I needed to be placated with flowers?)

I asked if he was in the band. He said that he was a farmer. I told him that I would be sure to check out his stand next time. He said that wouldn't be necessary.

We came home with mint (for mojitos) and dill (all seen in black pots below) and

black raspberries. The farmer said that they were fresh, just picked this morning, and did not have pesticides on them. Yippee! S-o-l-d!

I didn't see any tomotoes at the market and ours have not sprouted yet either. Yes, this is our upside-down tomato plant.

Are you craving a BLT? I am. What else can I do with the mint besides mojitos?


Grand Matriarch said...

So what is mojotos????
My mom used mint in mint juleps (some kind of drink) and some dessert she used to make..

Seems like the one act of random kindness was used on you! Hahaha!!!!!

Grand Matriarch said...

I have a tomato plant growing in one of those things and it is SAD! It is the first tomato plant I have seen that developed big white spots on the leaves.. and yours looks like a wild bush compared to my scrawny mess...

Nap Mom said...

Mojitos is an alcoholic drink. Mint, simple syrup, rum, lime, tonic water, and something else. Very tasty actually. I'll make some for you this summer. I don't make mine strong. It is such a refreshing drink. Think... sprite soda with mint and fresh lime.

Manic Mommy said...

Oh my. This was terribly funny. Glad your tomato plant is doing so well. Kerry loves ours.