Thursday, June 25, 2009

There is a pirate among us.

I'm trying my best to get a cute picture of my babies with the American flag... for several reasons: (1) this would be a cute pic to place in our house, (2) we have some very close family members with July 4th holiday birthdays who would appreciate a patriotic pic of the kids, and (3) I need a cute blog pic for the patriotic holiday... which is quickly approaching.

I took some pictures of Lulu and Bro together and some (many) of them apart.

Lulu, of course, was perfect in every picture.

Bro, on the other hand, proceeded to act like a pirate, wielding the flag like a mighty sword.

On another day, he decided to play peek-a-boo rather than hold the flag with the dignity it deserves.

What am I going to do with him?


Manic Mommy said...

Ah yes, boys. They will turn anything and everything into a sword. HA!

fairygrandmother said...

Love him!

SusieQ said...

You are going to learn how to play pirate!!!