Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let Me See Your Smile: Mission 13-15

More pictures for the summer photo contest.

Mission 13: An oyster 3 points

Yeah - I took least 100 pictures of this girl in her orthodontist shirt during the whole oyster project (which I still need to blog about)... and this (yes THIS) is the best picture that I got with Lulu and an oyster. Disappointing - very. You are supposed to be able to clearly see the shirt (to keep out the cheaters I suppose) so I hope that this qualifies. I am sure that they will recognize that this is their shirt.

Mission 14: A live chicken. 3 measely points

Mission 15: Under a bridge. 4 points

What is the technical definition of a bridge? Does this count? I sure hope so.

15 pictures down... 55 left to go!

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