Friday, June 26, 2009

A water tubing, camping, Tinker Bell birthday

Lulu finally had her Tinker Bell party. We had great fun. Since it was a water tubing part, for safety reasons, she was only permitted to invite three friends to her party. She invited Gator, of course, a cousin, and another close friend.

First things first... here is the Tinker Bell cake that I made.

Here is the Tinker Bell cake pan template.

Lulu and her friends loved the cake. I, for one, think that the cake looked a bit more like Cinderella than Tinker Bell. I probably should have included Tink's ear and added the black outlining as well. It would have made the hair seem scragglier and not so neat and clean.

Either way, it was a hit so I am pleased.

Luvs2Boat and I set up the sleeping accommodations a day ahead of time. Yes, I own a tent (look closely - it's a two-room tent) and will be using it more often in the near future.

The girls had lots of fun jumping off of the pier...

and riding on the inner tube.

Their favorite part had to be flying off of the tube, swimming back to it, and starting all over again.

After the first round of tubing, we ate dinner, went tubing some more, had cake and ice cream, made smores, played Guitar Hero (I'm not kidding), and c-r-a-s-h-e-d by 11:15 (which is mighty early for a group this age).

We woke up Saturday morning to Fairy Grandmother's signature heart waffles. Yummy!

I have to give credit where credit is due... I just arrived with the girls, Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat did the rest. This might have been Lulu's best birthday ever! She says that she wants to do it again next year - I hope that her grandparents are ready!

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Grand Matriarch said...

Looks like a great time was had by all... and you slept out there with them? Did you get a room to yourself? I assume you had gorgeous weather (lucky!).. not like another camping trip I remember....