Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wine... again

I have been tasked with making the labels for the wine. Dear Husband and his trusty brother dreamed up "Crab Town Winery" for the first set of labels/wine. Dear Husband has asked me to make wine labels for the new bottles of wine.

Disclaimer: This was his vision, I am merely in charge of making it digital.

We do have one question though.

How should we spell "Crab Town"?

a. Crab Town (as shown)
b. Crabtown
c. Crabtowne

You can try to respond using the blogger comment feature. Or, you can e-mail me at while I try to fix the comment issue. Does anyone else have complaints from readers who can't leave a comment? It is totally frustrating.


mimbles said...

How about "Crabbe Towne"?

Don't mind me, I'm really just testing the comment feature ;-)

Nap Mom said...

Another good suggestion. One of my facebook friends suggested putting the crab in as the "o" in "town" and making it a logo.

Anonymous said...


It looks so "old towny"
Gives it a little class!

Grand Matriarch said...

Well.. now it seems it publishes the comment before I am done typing! I like Crabtowne...

Nap Mom said...

Agreed. I think that anything with the word "crab" in it could use a little class.

ms. mindless said...

i like the idea of putting the crab in the o and making a logo. that would be way cool!