Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ocean Conservancy: Help Make Overfishing a Thing of the Past!

Ocean Conservancy: Help Make Overfishing a Thing of the Past!

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Dear Friend,

Does your fish come from a farm? And even more importantly, what does that mean?

I just played a new game, "Go, Fish!" from Ocean Conservancy, and I think you'll like it, too. Plus, $1 will be donated to their work to end overfishing for each and every person who plays the game. Will you join me?

Go, Fish! is all about building support for our ocean and the wildlife, people and economies that depend on it while raising awareness about the ins and outs of the fishing industry. You can get started here:

Plus, one of their partners -- Henry and Lisa's Seafood is giving away a Seafood Sampler to one lucky winner who plays Go, Fish! before the June 30 sweepstakes deadline. I hope you'll join me in helping to end overfishing by playing Go, Fish! today. You'll not only learn more about the complex seafood industry, you'll also generate a $1 donation to support Ocean Conservancy’s work to reform it.


p.s. I played the game and answered all of my questions incorrectly. OK - at least I'm honest. How did you score (it couldn't be worse than me)?

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Grand Matriarch said...

I got the first two right and thought I was SO smart.. then missed the rest!
Oh, well....