Friday, June 5, 2009

Rainy Day Ramblings

Random Act of Kindness UPDATE

I am still trying to practice one random act of kindness. I have had two valiant efforts though.

1. Luvs2Boat and I helped unload the boxes from the oyster dump. Yes, while all of the rest of the oyster gardeners hopped off the boat and headed for home, we stayed and helped the CBF staff unload the boxes (which were now empty because the oysters were planted/dumped over of the side of the boat) off of the boat. No, it wasn't our j-o-b to help, but there was clearly still more work to be done and so we stayed and helped. Fine. Although, I don't know if that counts as a random act of kindness.

You may wonder what Lulu was doing while Luvs2Boat and Napmom were helping the CBF staff, well, she was getting an on-camera interview of course (which I think was the highlight of her whole oyster gardener career). Hopefully the interview will be up on the web soon and I can share a link with you.

2. I offered to take the pool registration in for our neighbors. You see, neither of us has handed in our pool registration. The community pool opened up a few weeks ago. Our community recently changed management companies. The old management company was local and we could easily drop off our registration there. The new management company, as I learned yesterday, is about an hour away. Very inconvenient. So, Dear Husband offered to hand deliver our pool registration yesterday. I called our neighbors to see if they had their pool registrations ready so that Dear Husband could take it for them. Alas, it wasn't ready to go. I then told my neighbor that this was especially disappointing for me because I was trying to practice a random act of kindness for gosh sakes. He said that he would still give me credit for it, but I don't think that counts.

Still trying to practice a random act of kindness.

We need to post two pictures that we took this week (with a Beatles album and with an oyster). Plus, we are going to try to get the "with a live chicken" and "with a llama" this weekend as well.

Other Weekend Events

Ivan Koloff (of World Wrestling Federation fame) is going to be the officiant at the wedding that we are going to this weekend. No, I am not kidding. Will let you in on all of the details as soon as we get them. It should be a good time.

Anyone else have a crazy or unique wedding story to share? Can you think of a more unique officiant than a previous WWF star?

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Michele Horne said...

I think your oyster boat feat was definitely a RAOK. I am sure they appreciated it very much. You are clearly a very sweet person to be trying so hard and putting thought into it... thank you.