Friday, May 29, 2009

Hurricane Me

Check out the hurricane names for the upcoming hurricane season. Look at "M." Do we ever get the the "M"s during hurricane season? Can't wait to see those headlines!

Also, Yummy Mommy has challenged her followers to do one random act of kindness today and then report back to her. I actually like to practice the random-act-of-kindness/pay-it-forward type philosophy. Just recently our neighbors made us some mojitos and brought them over. We loved the drink so much that we immediately went out and bought the supplies to make more. Then, we made mojitos for our other neighbors. They, in return, sent some homemade meatballs over for us to enjoy. We (the neighbors) do this stuff often actually.

So, now to think of one random act of kindness or hope that an opportunity presents itself.


Michele Horne said...

A random act of kindness that involves mojitos... now that is fantastic! I wish I lived in your neighborhood.

Ariane said...

Hey, watch out for Larry. He was a cyclone in Australia a few years ago, wiped out our banana crop. No bananas for a whole year.

And if you are now singing Harry Chapin, as I am, I do apologise.

Manic Mommy said...

Oh boy. Knowing your DH Hurricane "M" will be infamous. HA!