Sunday, May 24, 2009

Strawberry Fields

Friday night, Dear Husband hinted that he wanted to go pick some strawberries. Knowing that (1) this would be a fun family event and (2) Lulu needed a berry picture for the scavenger hunt, I immediately got on the internet to see what our options were.

I found that a local farm sells U-pick strawberries. They recommend that you call before you come. Their Saturday hours are usually from 8-noon. However, when I called, the recording said that they would probably sell out long before noon. We piled into the car and arrived to the farm at 9:45 a.m. I am glad that we rushed to get to the farm, since they were turning customers away by 10:15. Yikes!

Some of us picked strawberries.

Some of us ate strawberries.

And Napmom (not pictured - cause I won't let anyone use my new toy camera) took pictures, picked strawberries, AND watched the baby... kinda.
In the end, we came home with two large boxes...

of pretty and yummy strawberries...
... and one messy baby. By the way, here is a little plug for Shout stain remover. Thanks to Shout's stain fighting abilities, Bro's shirt is now sparkly white again. When in doubt, Shout it out. It works every time.
We had great fun.
What is your best stain remover secret? Do you Shout it out or do you know of something better, "greener," cooler?

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