Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Just an update on a few loose ends and some new ends... or whatever.

Bro. Still has eczema. Was given a steroid cream to put on it. We think that he might have a milk allergy (for several reasons - one being that he throws up ONLY after he has a bottle of milk). So, he is going to be tested for a milk allergy, which, but the way, could have caused this eczema to flare up, apparently. Also, he is taking antibiotics for his ear infection. Thus, giving antibiotics to him is like giving antibiotics to a greased pig = not very fun or easy!

Lulu. Is no longer a thumb sucker. Stage 1 of her orthodontic treatments is to (1) expand her palate and (2) keep her from sucking her thumb. So, they put an appliance in the roof of her mouth that will prevent her from sucking her thumb and will expand her palate. Fun.

Lulu. Is taking part in a scavenger hunt this summer. The hunt is offered by her orthodontist's office. She has to take pictures of herself, in her orthodontist t-shirt, with certain objects/people/places. Here is a slide show from last year's third place winner; it is worth the look. Now you see what we have to look forward to. Wish us luck!

Napmom. Has finally saved up the money for her new camera and will, apparently, be taking pics of Lulu in her ortho shirt all summer long.

Lulu. Was chosen to go on the boat cruise that takes a select few oyster gardeners out to the Chesapeake Bay to watch the oysters being added to the reefs. She is very excited about this trip.

The family (including the Grandparents). Had a fabulous Mother's Day. Someday I will have pictures to show you. (ahem - Fairy Grandmother).

The family (including the grandparents). Planted our first letterbox in a nearby park. Cool! (pics to arrive soon - ahem - Fairy Grandmother).

Dear husband. Is still cheering on the Capitals hockey team as they compete for the Winston Cup (at least, I think that is what that trophy is called).

Chin up!


ms. mindless said...

ack! i have NOT been staying updated on your life!!!! i need to catch up. love ya!

Nap Mom said...

No worries. You have your hands full right now. I follow your religiously. Loved the bridal shower pictures. I have been busy this week, but I plan to get the full scoop from your mom tomorrow.

Grand Matriarch said...

The pictures are going to be so much fun.. Do they tell you where to take the pics or do you just do all the weird things you can think of??

Milk allergies are such fun.. someone else had one.. she would drink milk at someone else's home and then come home and be sick.. She outgrew it by school age.. thankfully!

Nap Mom said...

Yes - they have given her a laundry list of "missions" for her pictures. Here is the link for the official "mission list."