Thursday, May 21, 2009

Milk Allergy and Pets

Milk allergy. Confirmed. From what the doctor can tell, from his blood work, Bro has a slight milk allergy. We are taking him to an allergist for more testing.

Dog. I was almost attacked by a vicious dog the other day. I mean really… what do you do… I was walking along with my dog on a leash and I had my baby Bro (in a stroller) and Lulu with me… Did I mention that my dog was on a leash? And some other idiot had his dog (a Collie) off of the leash and his dog started harassing my dog and my dog started to growl back and then it escalated and the teeth were showing and then I was putting myself in the midst of this mess to keep my dog under control but then I realized that my dog might get confused and bite my leg off instead of biting the head of the other dog… all the while the other’s dog’s owner was just standing there (still with his dog OFF of the leash) watchin’ this all go down?

We tried to walk out of the way (the aforementioned collie just kept harassing us).

What would you do? I’m not kidding? My dog was being harassed and the other guy did nothing.

Did I mention that my precious dog was on his leash?

Dear irresponsible pet owner,

Walk your dog on his leash.
Smoking is a bad habit.
I think that you were drunk too.

Napmom – practically perfect in every way (at least, that's what my Grandma tells me)


Katelyn said...

Really, I just don't walk my dog anymore because of people like this. My dog doesn't like other dogs, and it wouldn't be a problem if other owners leashed their dogs like they're supposed to. Last March, when I was very pregnant, we were walking the dog. This dog comes out of this person's front porch and approaches our dog. She growls and this 85 lb Boxer attacked her. Poor Sydney didn't even fight back. It took Gavin a while to pull the other dog off her, I was SO worried he'd get bit by it. When he finally did, she took off running and me, holding the leash, fell flat on my back in the middle of the street. Well, 30-some stiches and a $600 vet bill later, I refuse to walk my dog again! I will give the owner this..she paid the vet bill in full, which is nice because I would have taken her to court for it...Sorry for the novel, this is one of my pet peeves ;)

I'm sorry Bro has an allergy to milk :( I'm going to have to have the allergy talk with the doc next week at her one year check up as well :(

Nap Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Shocking. I don't know what people are thinking.