Friday, May 8, 2009

Nothing much going on here.

Camping - I am trying to secure a place to tent camp during Memorial weekend. Lots of State parks are already booked. Also, came to the realization that my idea of camping and Dear Husband's idea of camping are two different things. He is more of a live off of the land type camper and I am more of a pack everything but the kitchen sink type camper. Also, I am never going to be a live off of the land camper so I hope that he converts to my way of doing things... soon.

Teeth - Lulu lost another tooth. Did I tell you that she is getting braces? And we are seeing a specialist to get that "space" closed. Maybe I already mentioned this.

We hope to go to the local Fairy Festival tomorrow. Thus, we will miss the Farmer's Market yet again. I don't know much about the festival, since I've never been. Hopefully I will have cute pics to share. Still trying to decide whether to take Bro with us or drop him off at Bubba's house (in-laws) on the way to the festival.

I hope that you all have a very wonderful Mother's Day! You deserve the very, very best!!!!!

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