Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some Long Overdue Book Opinions

I read Rattled. It was a recommendation from Matt. I started reading Matt's blog shortly after Madeline's birth and well before he was made famous by Oprah, People magazine, and others. Session was over. I was looking for something lite and fun. Matt recommended Rattled. I bought it; I had just been through 3 months of misery. I think that I deserved it. Why am I explaining this - sorry?

Rattled is a get-it-from-the-library book. Read just for the fun of it. It is the true life experience of becoming a single-mom. The author is also a blogger for Glamour magazine (if I remember correctly).

The book was okay and worth the read if you are looking for something lite.

You can read other blog reviews on the book as well. Plenty of others have really enjoyed the book.

Personally, Rattled totally reminded me of Emily Giffin's style of writing. I loved, loved, loved Giffin's Something Borrowed series. It started with Something Borrowed and continued with Something Blue (much like Rattled, but better - in my opinion) and then Love the One You're With. If you are looking for lite girlie books (but not trashy) then Giffin's books are great. I tore right through them when I first got them... a few years ago.

p.s. If you are my neighbor and the least bit interested in these books then I am happy to loan them to you. Thanks again for the mojitos!

Twilight. Yes. I was pulled into the love life of high school vampires. Lulu's peers are reading the book and she wanted to read it. I told her that I had to read it first. There is a bit of controversy as to whether Twilight is appropriate for tweens. I chose to let her read book 1. Whatever. That was my decision. I don't really have trouble with the specifics of the book but the main female character is far too infatuated with her vampire boyfriend for my taste. Lulu is about halfway though the book now. I hope to have some impromptu discussions about the book when she is finished. I'd like to get her take on some of the actions of the main female character.

My opinion? I'm torn actually. I read book two - New Moon - in about a week (see below). The Twilight books are fun and easy reads, but I just can't get emotionally dedicated to a high school vampire's love life. Sorry folks. Having said that, I will read books 3 and 4 because... everyone else loves these books and I have to be in-the-know too.

Update: As of this post, Lulu is reading another book that she got from the school book fair - can't remember the name of the book though.

New Moon. New Moon is Episode 2 of the Twilight (vampire) series. New Moon was given to me as part of my Mother's Day gift from my mom. My mom ran into Lulu and her dad at the bookstore. Lulu suggested that mom buy me the New Moon book for Mother's Day - knowing that I would have to read it before she would be permitted to read it. hmmmmm...

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