Sunday, May 24, 2009

a budding photographer

The farmers who sell tomatoes on the side of the road take credit cards.

The farmers at the farmers market take credit cards.

The people who make a living off of selling strawberries to the public at their farm, only take cash.

While Lulu and I were waiting for Dear Husband to get back with some c-a-s-h, she took some pictures with my new camera. Here are here pictures that she captured herself. My only regret is that I was not able to take pictures of her capturing these photos, because it was priceless.

She took this picture using the preset mode for taking pictures of small items such as flowers.

She crouched down into a field of 3 foot high grass to get this perspective.

Notice these next two pictures.
Barn #1. The grass is in focus but the barn is blurry.

Barn #2. The barn is in focus but the grass is blurry this time. She did this on purpose. She wanted these two different effects for the two different shots. Okay, this is a concept that I didn't grasp till about... 6 months ago.

I want to start a flickr photostream for Lulu's pictures. It seems that you have to set it up with a yahoo e-mail address? Is that correct? Am I missing something? I know that I don't have to actually use the yahoo e-mail address, but it just seems ridiculous to have to use their web address to set up the account. I must be missing something.


Manic Mommy said...

Amazing pics! She's an artist (I'm remembering a previous post) AND a photographer. WOW! Tell her 'Great Job' from Aunt Manic. I loved photography at her age too. Next you'll have to teach her to develop the pics. That's a treat!

Nap Mom said...

It is such a creative outlet for her. She is very creative. Granted, I don't think that drawing is her particular talent (despite some very good prints from time to time), but I think that this might be perfect for her.

The problem is that now she wants nothing to do with her camera and only wants to shoot with mine. Hah! I don't blame her.

mimbles said...

Lovely photos :)

Yep, you do need a yahoo account to set up a Flickr account - at any rate I've not managed to do it any other way.

Michele Horne said...

Wow, Lulu has a fantastic eye! These are great photos with fantastic depths of field! Great job, Lulu.