Monday, May 4, 2009

Top 3 List

Top 5 reasons why I should have checked my slideshow e-mail of the weekend's camp pictures BEFORE sending it out to the rest of the troop.

Because, if I had checked the slide show I would have noticed that the slide show that I accidentally sent to all of the scout moms was the slide show that was automatically filtered with ALL of the pictures from the weekend. While I meant to send the slide show of the select gems from the weekend.

So, here are my favorite embarrassing pictures that I sent to... everyone.

Napmom and Lulu wake up in the tent together. Good morning!

This pic was meant to be a "camp" version of those feet views that EVERYONE takes and they are so cute. Mine? Not so much. I am sure that the parents were v-e-r-y confused.

Lulu eating an apple in an attempt to dislodge her very loose and irritating tooth. Again, a great pic for the memory album. Not!


Katelyn said...

Looks like fun! I loved the "Daddy and Me" campout when I was in Girl Scouts :)

Grand Matriarch said...

How funny! Why doesn't SOMEBODY grab that tooth with the pliers and yank it out??? Either that or save it until she is in the middle of a class at school and then shove it out... and be the center of attention!!! Wonder who would do that.... hmmmmm.....

Sarah @ said...


It looks like a fun time. I loved girl scouts when I was a kid; I'm glad they're still just as enjoyable for young girls.

Nap Mom said...

Me too! I loved it when I was little and I love it just as much now. Did my turn being the leader - having a blast being a helper mom!