Friday, May 22, 2009

Let Maryland See Your Smile: Missions 1-11

Took the new camera out today and captured some pictures for the summer scavenger hunt, sponsored by Lulu's orthodontist.

Photographer's Note: It's a new camera. Go easy on me. I'm still shooting in "auto." Someday I will figure out how to use all of the fancy buttons.

The scavenger requirements are divided into missions. These are the missions that we accomplished today. Participants are encouraged to "be creative."

Mission: On a merry-go-round. 4 points.

Mission: On a store "quarter" ride. 7 points.

Mission: A uniformed policeman or security guard. 5 points.

Mission: A garden gnome with a red hat. 5 points. (See it? In the square to the top right of Lulu's head? This will be our back-up picture for this mission.)

Mission: A black poodle. 3 points.

... and the tag to prove it. (See? It says, "black poodle" on the tag.)

Mission: A mannequin. 3 points. Must be imitating the pose of the mannequin. 4 point bonus if in store front window.

Mission: In a photo booth. 4 points.

Mission: At a "Ritas." 3 points.

Mission: A yellow car or truck. 3 points.

Mission: Library. 5 points.

Mission: A fire hydrant. 2 points.

11 missions accomplished to date. These were the easy ones. "A live chicken" will probably be the most difficult to accomplish.
I hope that your weekend has been off to as wonderful of a start as ours has.


Katelyn said...

Nice! What kind of camera did you get?

Manic Mommy said...

The live chicken would be much easier for us than the 25cent amusement ride or the carousel. Come strawberry picking with us! They have great petting farm including longhorns, pot-bellied and standard pigs, horses, goats, and LIVE CHICKENS! :)

Nap Mom said...

OK - seriously, we might need to come visit your petting farm. We went to the zoo today. They had live chickens. We didn't have the shirt with us! Drats!

Nap Mom said...


We/I got the Rebel XS. We thought that we would start with the entry level for now. So far, I am extremely happy! The bad part is that Lulu is getting attached to my new camera too, so I find myself having to share - even though she has a camera of her own. She took some great pictures over the weekend. I'm thinking of adding a flickr photostream for her photos.

We are so excited, I have to thank you for inspiring me.

Katelyn said...

Aww..thank you :) I'm glad you're enjoying it. I certainly enjoy it. I've heard good things about Canon ;)