Thursday, May 21, 2009

13 Things that I Plan to Do Between Now and Monday

1. Renew my driver’s license
2. Run to the Girl Scout store. Quite a hike as it is all the way up in North Baltimore.
3. Find new letterboxes.
4. Make my personal letterbox stamp.
5. Take Lulu to a local clay store to make a Father’s Day gift with the scouts.
6. Check on the letterbox that we hid together.
7. Go see Night at the Museum: Smithsonian
8. Buy some summer clothes for Lulu.
9. Take some pictures for her summer scavenger hunt.
10. Learn how to use my new camera.
11. Finish the photo album for Lulu’s Girl Scout friend who is moving across the country.
12. Go to the zoo.
13. ??? Relax.???

Yeah – a 4-day weekend. I hope that you are having fun. The weather should be nice here on the East Coast. Camping did not work out but, as you can see, what have lots of fun stuff to take its place.

Are you letterboxing yet? Good times! You should try it.

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yyam said...

Sounds like a pretty full weekend. I just saw Night at the museum yesterday. I enjoyed it. Hope you get all the things on your list done! Have a fabulous weekend!

Manic Mommy said...

Sorry we'll miss you camping. I noticed that there's a letterbox hidden close to Point Lookout. You'll have to reschedule your camping and we'll go on a letterbox quest together to find that one. We picked up our stamps and journals yesterday, and created our code names. We're ready to get started!!

Nap Mom said...

You have your code names already? Fabulous!