Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day recap (part 1)

Ahem... about a week ago I celebrated a most marvelous Mother's Day... ahem... with my mom (et al). Remember... ahem... I wanted to share the pictures with you... ahem. Well, I have them now! Look what a fun day we had.

Greetings from QW park.

The first part of our day included a picnic lunch and time on the playground.

Look at all of the yummy food that Fairy Grandmother packed - we are so spoiled.

Lulu relaxed in the sun.

Bro... played with... something.

Everyone took turns flying Fair Grandmother's kite.

We whittled our own stamps for our letterboxing hobby, using erasers and wood whittling tools.

Fairy Grandmother gave Bro a bottle before we left to find a potentially hidden letterbox (or perhaps hide our own).

Luvs2Boat and Dear Husband looked at the clues to find the letterbox,

and led us down this path.

We looked and looked for the hidden letterbox, but didn't find it. (We thought that we wouldn't find a hidden box. Some research on letterbox message boards led us to believe that the owner of the letterbox moved out of State and took her boxes with her.)

So, we hid our own box in a very nearby location.

We checked on Bro before we headed back on the path.

Lulu found this tree...

and talked Dear Husband into climbing on it with her.

Napmom stayed back...

with a very tired Bro.

To be continued.

Are you letterboxing? Remember our hunt last year? Find out more about letterboxing on napmom's letterbox page. My favorite place to find letterbox clues is on Atlas Quest.

Do you letterbox?

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