Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Napmom can tent camp AND enjoy herself.

Seriously, I'm not much of an outdoors-type person, but I am getting better. The last time I tent camped I was probably younger than Lulu, until now.

This weekend marked the annual local camp event. It was the first time that our troop both tent camped AND had to prepare their own food. I was the troop first-aider. We also had one adult-in-charge (in charge of making sure that we didn't lose anybody OR bring home any stragglers) and one camp mom.

It threatened to rain all weekend long, but it didn't... almost. It didn't rain until we were packing up Sunday morning. Good times - packing up all of our gear in the rain.

This was our sleeping quarters for the weekend.

Lulu made several types of SWAPS for the event. More on how SWAPS has impacted our lives at another time. Basically, the girls craft miniature cute things and trade them with other girls. Click here for a brief SWAPS overview. Below is a picture of Lulu and others with their SWPAS hats. Let the negotiations begin.

Here is a picture of the Spongebob SWAPS that Lulu has wanted since they were first seen at camp 5 years ago. Only a few are still left in circulation. She did manage to secure a somewhat tattered Spongebob this year. Alas, I think that we are going to have to make our own since no one trades the Spongebob.

We had a great breadkfast Saturday morning, which the girls cooked themselves.

Lo and behold - our adult-in-charge brought a coffee perculator.

So I enjoyed my coffee from this spacious mug from my mess kit.

#1 reason to camp with girl scouts? The girls do the dishes. Why isn't she this excited to do the dishes at home? Clcik here for a description of the scout way to wash camp dishes.

Dunk bags hung up to dry.

One of the great joys of being a helper mom, instead of the leader, is that now I get to spend some time with Lulu on these trips. We made this pin together.

Lulu could not stand the pain and irritation of her very loose tooth, so she pulled it out. Little did she know that the tooth fairy did not have any cash at camp. Luckily, she agreed to hide the tooth for the tooth fairy when she got back home.

The camp theme, this year, was boot camp. Are you ready soldiers?

Enjoying the rope course.

Packing up in the rain Sunday morning made for a very wet Lulu.

See the missing tooth?

I should have given camping a try as an adult. It is a whole new way of relaxing and a wonderful way to to come together as friends and family. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

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Mim said...

Camping holidays are the best, all my favourite childhood memories are of the camping we did with my mum's twin sister's family. I loved being on holidays with my cousins. We used to go every school holidays plus extra weekends throughout the year. Good times :)