Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Busy... no, swamped, I think

I don't know what time of year is busiest. Seems that I think that every season is busier than the last. Nonetheless, this end-of-year stuff is getting the best of me.

I have so many pictures to share... you know, with the new camera and all. My close-up pictures of the kids are my favorite.

In the mean time, I did put some shots on flickr.

Pictures of my tour of the State House: Here are pictures of the State House dome. He we are on top of the State House dome, with great views of historic Annapolis. The State House is so significant because it is the only State House that is still in legislative use. It also served as the nation's capitol at some point in history (I can't remember exactly when). Lots of history and pictures to share. We'll do that at another time.

Moving on...

Lulu finished up another great season of oyster gardening. She (and Luvs2Boat) grew the oysters all winter long and took a CBF sponsored boat trip to plant dump the oysters at the oyster sanctuary. I went to the oyster collection place with my camera in tow. Someone mistook me for a reporter. I had to clarify that I was merely a volunteer with a big, obnoxious camera. You can view the oyster pics here. I'll blog them (along with running commentary) soonish.

Will write more later. We are planning Lulu's birthday party; the grandparents are coming over for cake and ice-cream tomorrow (her "friend" party will take place later in June). Then, we have a wedding to attend (at a baseball stadium - very cool). That will all be followed up with R's birthday party on Sunday. We will top it all of with Lulu's elementary school graduation and a end of year Girl Scout ceremony next week.

Shucks - I just realized that we can't go to R's party on Sunday because we have a Girl Scout commitment that day. Argh!

What is your busiest time of year?

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Grand Matriarch said...

The Flickr thing worked this morning.. what great picturews!
Lulu looks like she is doing great with the oysters (did they eat any?) but that is something you would NEVER have done at that age.. It rates right up there with measuring the manure for your science project...