Friday, January 29, 2010

Breakfast (aka Reese's Peanut Butter BIG CUP Review)

I made some dip for the chili luncheon that we were having at work.

I forgot to get the chips.

I stopped at the grocery store on the way to work to get the chips.

At the checkout counter... a Reese's Big Cup was calling my name.

Being a sucker for Reese's cups, I decided to try it. 

Review:  Reese's Big Cup = heaven on Earth.  Enough said. 

I love Reese's Cups.  I have tried several other Reese's products... and all I can say is that each time I try a new product... I can't help but think to myself... I want more peanut butter.  I'm not even a peanut butter fan... but I really dig the peanut butter that they put in the Reese's cup.  If you love the Reese's cup peanut butter too then definitely pick up the Big Cup if you ever run into one.  You can check out other Reese's pruduct pictures and reviews at the candy blog.  {{But, just know that she didn't give this bar rave reviews because she just didn't appreciate the peanut butter as much as she should.}}

Ahem... after I ate the cup... I took my chips and dip to work... only to realize that today is donut Friday.  So I helped myself to a donut... and then another.  ;-)

What did you eat for breakfast?

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SusieQ said...

Almost every day I eat the same thing.. cereal with bluberries and walnuts.. healthy! Times have certainly changed.. way back in the olden times we would never eat a donut or candy when pregnant... We were only allowed to gain 20 pounds for the entire 9 months!