Monday, January 25, 2010

Toddlers - don't trust 'em

If your toddler is taking a bath and you hear him say “Toots Mommy,” while he is squatting in the tub… and you ask, “Bro, do you have to go potty” and he says, “no.” Don’t believe him.

And if he says, “Toots Mommy,” again… and you ask “Bro, do you wanna go sit on the potty?” and he says, “No.” Don’t believe him.

Because… if you do believe him… then you are sure to soon hear a very excited, “Poops Mommy! Look! Poops!”

Take my word for it.

I took the liberty of not taking a pic of this event. You can thank me later!

Toddlers – don’t trust ‘em.


Mrs. Bird said...

HAHAHA!!! Oh no! Brooklyn is at this fun stage where she says "poooop," "pooop, mama." ALL.THE.TIME. But she is not poopy...

SusieQ said...

This is soooo funny!!!