Friday, January 15, 2010

Patience my dear...

You may remember that I no-baked my way through Christmas.  Fun... I tell ya... real f-u-n!  NOT!

Look what we have?????

It's a brand new oven... with a large window... and a warmer space on the stove (to keep my stuff warm if it is ready to eat before everything else)... and a simmer option... oh, it's own warmer drawer... and more.  I am soooo tickled.

Eventually we are going to add black door knobs to the cabinets to tie in all of the black accents... you know... kinda bring it all together.

Oh.. I almost forgot to tell you... the best part... about the oven... well... I was walking through K-Mart after work one day... just killing time before a Girl Scout meeting... and looking for a birthday present for Bro... when I rounded the corner and saw 40% off signs on their appliances.  Um HELLO!!!!!!!!  40% off... of the floor model... but it had the same return policy and warranty options as the ones straight from the manufacturer... and 40% OFF!!!! 

Dear Husband said that I could buy it. 

Luvs2Boat said that he would get the truck to come pick it up.

Fairy Grandmother said that she would watch the kids so that I could still go to my meeting!

I came home to... a working oven!  Say it with me folks... a working oven!!!!!

The next day I made coffee cake.

The day after that I made homemade hot pockets (ham and cheese in a croissant roll).

Oh, see the little oven light.  Even the oven in my prior home didn't have a working oven light - yep, I've been opening the door ALL THIS TIME.

I am giddy with delight... and I can make Bro's birthday cake in my own oven... so happy!

Which appliance in your home do you love the most????


Fairy Grandmothe said...

So glad you like is the little things in life that make us happy! XO

mimbles said...

Happiness is a decent oven :-) I was oven-less over Christmas one year (did I already tell you that?), we BBQed everything and I took my fruit mince pies to my mum's place to bake them. Not fun.

And the whole time my new oven was sitting in the kitchen waiting for cabinetry to be built so it could be installed. It was torture.

SusieQ said...

I am really very happy for you and know you will enjoy the new oven.. Your mom probably still remembers when we moved into a house with no kitchen (being remodeled) and cooked for a week on the grill. My favorite kitchen appliance is the microwave, followed closely by the crockpot!!