Friday, January 15, 2010

7 Things You Didn't Need to Know About Me

Someone likes me. I got tagged. The Marvelous Michelle over at New England Through Yummy Mom's Eyes has given me the Kreativ Blogger Award.  I don't know how I got this award since I am sooooo not creative... but I can pretend, right?????  Hah... my Girl Scout moms are like... "You ALWAYS come up with the BEST ideas!"  And I am like, "UH - I take no credit for ANY of it... I found it on the internet."  To which Lulu replies, "You READ A LOT on the internet."  {{Thanks dear.}}

You all remember Yummy Mom, right?  She's the one who gave me the idea about the fairy house terrarium.  She blogged about it here and I blogged about it here.  As predicted, Lulu did not get the fairy house for Christmas, but I bought the cute accessories for it and I hope to surprise her with it on Valentine's Day or St. Patty's Day.. or some other cool celebration. 

The rules for accepting this award are:

1) Thank the person giving the award (Gracias Yummy Mom!)

2) Copy the award to your blog

3) Place a link to their blog

4) Name 7 things people don’t know about you

5) Nominate 7 bloggers

6) Place a link to those bloggers

7) Leave a comment letting those bloggers know about the award

The SEVEN Things Most People Don’t Know About Me Are:

1.  Ok - here's an easy one... I have a tattoo... it is a bird (of sorts) and it is on my bottom.

2.  I lived on a farm(ish) when I was little.  Well, we had a barn, complete with a working hayloft, and we had horses... of which I never rode those horses... because... well, I'm not an animal-type person.

3.  I am probably the only person on then face of the planet who is NOT an animal-type person.  Although, I am taking a liking to birds lately.  You know what I think it is... I am not a smelly object person.  Animals have an unpleasant odor... and they poop... and the poop is stinky too.  I don't like stinky things.  If you have ever noticed... bird poop does not really have a horrible smell to it.

I can pretend to be an animal-lover though... you kinda have to.  For example, check out my office cubicle.  When people walk by they ALWAYS stop and say... "{{gasp}} OH MY GOSH IS THAT YOUR PUPPY?"  {{Located at the bottom right... the only pic without a frame.}}

"Yep, that's our little guy!"

This makes my coworkers bust out laughing... because they know the truth.  The truth is.  AND READ CAREFULLY HERE... I don't have a dog.  Dear Husband has a dog.  And Dear Husband is in charge of feeding the dog and walking the dog and all things dog related... because HE has a dog... and THIS was the AGREEMENT compromise when HE got the dog.

Having said all that... the dog has a name - Dale... and he is the sweetest and bestest dog that I could ever ask for.  I do love him dearly.   

4.  A bird pooped on me once.  OMG - I have NEVER EVER told anyone this.  I was on my way to a job interview.... and it pooped a little poop on my shirt... which I immediately flung off... and just kept walking... pretending that nothing happened.  Oh, and I got the job too... and ended up dating my boss (I forgot that part myself - it was a waitress job).

5.  I was raised by my grandma while I was in elementary school.  My grandma is everything to me.  She has influenced my life more than I could ever say.  I think about her every-single-day of my life... especially as I raise my own children.  She could never possible know how much her words of wisdom and acts of rationality are repeated in our home... on a daily basis.  She and I certainly have a rather casual relationship on the outside... as she was never much of a cuddly/snuggly/sentimental typical grandma... but on the inside of my heart... she means the world to me... and I love her... to the moon and back again!

For those of you on facebook... look at this WAY BACK picture that she sent to me to use as my profile pic.  My thoughts in this picture?  I'm speechless.  Please - don't judge me!  ;-)

Oh, and she sent this one too...

6.  When I came back from maternity leave with Bro, I took a much lower paying job with much less prestige (for lack of a better word) so that I could have more flexibility to be home with my family.  Financially this has been difficult at most times... but I wouldn't go back to the old job for even TWICE the pay.

7.  I haven't been to church in years.  I need to go to church more. 

You know lots of stuff about me already.  It was difficult to find some things that you don't know. 

Ok - so here is the part where I tag 7 more bloggers.  I'll tag you, but don't feel bad if you don't play along (I know that some of you will though).  Just know that I think that you are super cool and fun and I am an ever-faithful reader of your blog.

Here you go, in no particular order:

20 Something and in the Air Force - She doesn't post often... because she is 20 something and in the Air Force... but she is super cool and I know her personally... and I want to give a little blog love to those who are out there supporting our country.  She reads my blog... she knows I love her.

The Bird's Nest - When does a stranger become a friend???  I'm thinking... if people can meet on the internet and become spouses... then we can meet on the internet and become friends, right???  I told Dear Husband about Bird's Nest and referred to her as "you know... my internet friend."  Um... he looked at me as if I had two heads.  Anyone else here have a total internet friend... meaning... that's the ONLY way you know them... you met them on the internet?  She is very down to earth and very cool - you're gonna love her.

Mindless Musings on My Average Life - Ms. Mindless has internet friends.  Although, I think that they have turned into real-life friends now... as they all live in the same city... I think.  Ms. Mindless is a bit younger than most of my readers (I assume that you are all about my age)... but she is cool nonetheless... and... yes, I know her personally... and check her followers... she has 160 followers... how did she do that?

Asia Through the Eyes of a Country Girl - She isn't kidding.  She is really in Asia right now... and she is really from the country.  I like reading about her experiences because I can totally relate to her and I think it would be really crazy to relocate to another country... especially one so culturally different from my world.

365 Days of Slow Cooking - Very creative indeed... but we are up to day 353 already.  Bummer!  I don't want it to end.

Becoming Sarah - Go there now.  You won't be disappointed.  She just had a baby... and she is hilarious!

Pink and Green Mama - This lady has NO idea who I am... but I love her blog.  This is my new favorite craft blog.  I want to make her Waldorf Window Stars with the nieces and nephews when we get together this weekend... but I don't think that I can find "kite paper" locally.  I have labeled her as "extremely crafty and fun" on my google reader.  Note:  kite paper = a cross between tissue paper and wax paper... now ya know. 

Seriously, does anyone here have an internet friend??? Or is it just me???


Michele Horne said...

LOVE the photo of you on the bike... too cute! Bird tattoo, huh? I thought I said I wanted pictures??? :-)

I, too, left a well paying job after child #2- and now with three- I can't even imagine working 60 hours a week like I used too. I have so much respect for women who work outside the home full time- I just don't see how they do it.

I did make my girls the terrariums... at 1am on Christmas eve! (I have a post coming up on it.) My 9 year old was way more enamoured than the 4 year old- but they both liked them.

Thanks for playing along!

Mrs. Bird said...

You have a tatoo of me on your bottom??? Wow, that's taking this whole internet friend thing to another level...ha!

All joking aside, I definitely think of YOU as a friend, internet meeting and all. Thank you for making my day :) I needed it today....

I will do this soon :)

Ps. I've had similar conversations with my hubby:
Me: Haha, Napmom kills me!
Him: Who?
Me: You know, my bloggy friend...
Him: Hmmm...
Me: M???
HIm: You're weird.

SusieQ said...

I didn't know you were bird pooped, but I knew all the rest.. You are so sweet.. Thank you for saying such nice things!

SusieQ said...

Hey, Miss Not-a-dog Lover... We just got #6 yesterday.. a black medium size long haired gal.. She has just spent two years on a 5-foot chain with very little food and water. Everything is new to her. This is supposed to be a foster until we find a really great home for her, but maybe this is her really great home...

Jen said...

Aww thanks Napmom, you are too sweet. I really should post more often, I know I will when I'm in afghan. Tell you the truth sometimes I feel like I'm ready to retire from the military and move back home to maryland, I feel like I'm missing out on so much back home but I know I have to serve my country and finish what I started and then I will be home again having a family of my own one day :). 99 more days till your 2nd little princess comes into the world!! I'm so excited for you!! Love ya