Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The best idea ever...

SPOILER:  This post is NOT kid-friendly... as we discuss some sensitive Santa issues here.

Yummy Mummy has done it again... do you know what caught my eye on this post????  Yep - click over to the post... scroll... scroll... scroll... yep... there it is... in all of its glory... she calls it a terrarium... I call it a magical, mystical best gift ever fairy world.  Don't you see it???

I have to have one, which means that I have to {{gulp}} make one... in all of my spare time... between now and Christmas.  I'm one of those moms who has these wild and crazy dreams of making and crafting so much cute stuff.  It never happens.  I am determined to make this happen though... 'cause this is going to be Santa's gift to Lulu this year.

Santa, you ask?  Yes, Santa.  You might remember last year when we tried to discuss Santa with Lulu.  She wasn't getting the, ahem, hints and we had to blatantly come out and tell her the truth.  At which point she totally looked right up at me and said that I was lieing and that Santa is real and that I don't know what I am talking about... and she followed it up with, "you do believe in Santa, don't you momma?"

Being the positively perfect good mom that I am, I replied, "Of course I do sweetheart!" and she gave me the biggest and most sincere bear hug that you could ever hope for.  I mean, this hug was so sweet... it could create world peace.

And that was it.  {{Dear Husband rolling his eyes over in the peanut gallery.}} Discussion over.  Until recently.

A few days ago we were discussing Christmas gifts, because everyone is asking what Lulu wants for Christmas even though she already sent them her list... hello??? 

She said to me... and I am not kidding here... "And mom, DO NOT put a gift under the tree and just write LOVE SANTA on the tag.  It has to be for REAL!"

Ok - well I'm glad that we are clear on the Santa gift procedure.

This year, each child is getting 1 (yep, ONE... let me slow that down for you... O-N-E) special gift from Santa.  That is going to be the new tradition... unless Ed McMahon and the prize patrol pay me a visit.  {{Note to self:  send an e-mail to Mr. McMahon letting him know about my new change of address.}}

So, I'm gonna make the aforementioned terrarium magical, mystical fairy world and I'm going to add these pieces (from the Enchanted Miniature Fairy Garden site)...

as well as some lady bugs, turtles, and rocks.  I can hardly resist the fairy garden door, but at 5.5 inches tall, I don't know that it will fit in my magical, mystical fairy world container.  {{sniffle, sniffle}}

Here are a few kid-friendly terrarium containers that should be readily available.  I'll also dream up some great and inspiring "may all of your wishes come true" letter to go with the gift.

Thoughts???  I am sooooo excited!  I hope that she loves it!

Did you ever give/receive a homemade gift from Santa?  What was it?


Mrs. Bird said...

You are AWESOME!!! Great post! I lvoe it :)

Michele Horne said...

Yes, I always get in over my head deciding to craft gifts, and then I am up all night on Christmas Eve! However, those terrariums do look easy and I know my girls would LOVE them.

Make sure you post pictures if you are successful, and let me know if it is as easy as it seems.

Thanks you for linking to my blog, you are a sweetheart.

Nap Mom said...

Of course I'm going to post pictures of the creation when it is finished. Of course, of course!!!

I can't wait!!!

I hope it's cute!

Maybe I'll attach some "fairy world care instructions" as well.

SusieQ said...

Maybe you should find a little Tinker Bell to put in it...

And yes, you received a partially home made gift that I will never forget.. You wanted Bat Girl and there is no such person! Your mom arrived here on Christmas Eve and sat up half the night with a naked little doll making a Bat Girl costume for it..

Nap Mom said...

Ah yes, I remember Bat Girl well.

Mrs. Bird said...

Ok, your post got me thinking of how cool this could be in my classroom. And it made me remember a book I have that I haven't looked at in for-ev-er. Here it is, you may find it interesting, or not! I'm thinking awesome science fair project for Lulu ;)