Sunday, December 13, 2009

O Christmas Tree... and other house related updates

By request (from my #1 blog fan -- Grand Matriarch) here are the pics of the tree.

Tree inside our house.  We had just put in the new rugs (on top of hardwood floors) so it's NOT in its prettiest state.  There is a manger that belongs under the tree.  It is there now... but NOT in this picture.

AHem... ignore the packages in the corner of the room.  Cyber Monday - what can I say?

The tree boasts three Tinker Bell ornaments.  Two of them light up.  It was Lulu's idea to use this one as a tree topper, of course.

Below is the view from outside.  I have always wanted to put a tree in the front window.  In our last home, the kitchen was at the front of the house.  Yes, I actually considered putting the tree in the kitchen.  Come on... I REALLY wanted a tree in the front window.

What's up with the bright light, you may ask???  Well, it's my self-induced safety feature.  The light is supposed to go on and off when it detects motion.  It doesn't work properly (of course) and so now the only way to get the lights to go off is to unscrew the bulbs.  Soooooo, pretend it isn't there.

Note:  Now, it isn't there now.  Dear Husband replaced the fixture today with a one-bulb fixture (instead of the two featured here).  He's just so "dear."  I hope to have an update picture soon. 

And, Dear Husband is putting a microwave up above the stove for me... right now... (it's my Christmas gift) so we can have more counter space.

In case you are keeping track... that means that this week: (1) we received some area rugs for our rooms (Christmas gift from Fairy Grandmother and Luvs2Boat), (2) "we" replaced the crazy motion detector, and (3) "we" put up a microwave.  Again, as previously posted, I use the word "we" lightly.  :-)

Also, we still don't have a working oven or dishwasher.  That's NOT gonna stop me from going to the cookie SWAP thanks to a great "no bake" dessert that I found on a blog.  Yes, I'll share the recipe... but I'm trying to get to bed at some point tonight.

Oh look what I found, a picture of Lulu setting the manger under the tree.  I told you that it was there.


To do this week:  Send out Christmas Cards; each card is going to include a set of "From Santa's Orchard" stickers.  I'm going to print the stickers and send a set for everyone to use on the oranges that they put in Christmas stockings (do you put oranges in Christmas stockings?)... or put them on oranges that you give as a gift for homemade potpourri.  I found an easy recipe somewhere.  I can't find it now.  It's something like... gather rind of one orange poked with cloves and 2 cinnamon sticks.  Put in pot with 2 cups water and boil.  Smells awesome!

What is your Christmas tree topper?


Jen said...

I love the "tree in the window" idea. My kitchen is in my front window so I set it up in the back by the sliding glass door. I can't wait to see your new house one day when I get back from Neverland.

SusieQ said...

I love the tree in the window.. makes the home look so happy and warm!

I have a new tree topper this year that I bought last year when we were at your area. I love it and admire it daily!!

Thanks for the pictures!!!