Monday, December 28, 2009


I read this quote (below) in the book that Lulu gave me for Christmas.  It just spoke so loudly to me about the role of mothers... I loved it... so I am sharing it with you.

There was a new force in Michael Oher's life:  a woman paying extremely close attention to him who had an eye for detail, a nose for trouble, the heart of a lion, and the will of a storm trooper.  A mother. 
from The Blind Side

Am I the only person on the planet who had not heard of this book - The Blind Side?????

Lulu gave me The Blind Side for Christmas.  Um... look at this book cover (see right)... why on Earth would she pick this for me?

Not wanting to hurt her feelings, and NOT having ANYTHING else in the house to read, I started reading her recommendation.  Um... I was completely taken in by this book.  I could hardly go to sleep because I wanted to keep reading... I woke up early to keep reading the next day.... I was reading to Dear husband in the car on the way to look at a new oven for the house... most shocking - I skipped my N-A-P to keep reading the book.

Prior to Christmas Day 2009, I had never heard of the Blind Side or Michael Oher {{gasp}} Shocking?  Apparently.  For all I knew... the star character died at the end of the book... again, NO IDEA how this book ended.

Please, do yourself a favor, go out and get this book... it is 50% the story of Michael Oher (a very inspirational story) and 50% history of football:  passing game vs running game; player compensation, college recruitment, and so on.  I can almost go as far to say that you WILL love it because of the heartwarming story, and even a fairly knowledgable football fan will find LOTS of great football information that they never even thought to think about before.  {{Does that make sense?}}

Run... don't walk... to the store to get this book.

Also, here is some eye candy for all of you book lovers out there... a vintage kids books blog.  Oh my gosh... these are ALL of the books that I grew up with.  Click over to this book-a-day-blog and take a trip down memory lane.

What NEW book are you reading over the holiday break?  


SusieQ said...

I never heard of that book either.. Right now I am reading Manhunt.. the true story of the 12 day chase to capture John Wilkes Booth after he shot Lincoln.. It's a great book.. your mom gave it to me for Christmas.. After that I have a new Nicholas Sparks book and a new John Grisham book, so I am set for a while!

SusieQ said...

Oh, yes.. I sent you a couple a books via your mom. The Nine, which I had promised you, and the story of Colin Powel.. Do read it, whether you are fond of him or not.. it's a great book!

Nap Mom said...

I am a Colin Powell fan... even if I was not, I am sure that I would enjoy the perspective. Thanks!

SusieQ said...

You're welcome..