Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am an only child and thus, I don't fully understand some things...

I am an only child and, thus, I don't fully understand some things... like... matching pajamas... until now.

When I first saw matching pajamas I was like.... who wears these things... who does this... I know that these matching jammies don't sell... what a terrible idea.

Then, I had more than one child... and wanted cute Christmas morning pictures... and scoured the internet for matching pajamas for the kids... and found matching pajamas... FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY!!!!  {{Ding-ding light bulb goes 'on'}}

Families wear matching pajamas for Christmas morning pictures... of course!!!!  Now I get it!

My bubble was deflated when I told Dear Husband that I was thinking that we could get matching pajamas for Christmas next year....

His reply?  {{with a look of total shock and awe}}  "That's a TERRIBLE idea."

After more thought, I realized... you know what... I don't think that we have even ONE Christmas 2009 photo with me in it... a shame.


SusieQ said...

So take your picture, cut yourself out and then add it to the pictures you have! Your aunt was impressed that my dogs were so well trained I could line them up in front of the tree wearing antlers and take their picture.. right.. I did each one alone, cut them out and added them to the tree picture!
DH and I had lots of matching clothes and boots, but no matching pajamas!

Jennifer said...

My husband won't do the whole family matching pajamas either, the big old spoilsport. Heck, he doesn't even wear pajamas at all. Just sweats or shorts.

I like SusieQ's idea for pictures. It took me probably 30 pictures to get one where all my kids were looking at me for Christmas. Next year I'm cheating!